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In the beginning when we set the standards of perfection as the basis for our work, Here we realized that integration is the most successful way to raise work to the required level. A level that made the experience of Amin Eldakkak and Anas Al-Kallas over twenty years a translation of the integration that created (CONCEPT) and brought it to perfection in the world of interior design.

Amin Eldakkak, in a nutshell, is a distinguished design, capable of schools that exported various types of arts, a design that simulates the diversity of tastes of all kinds.

Anas Al-Kallas, in two words, is the precise implementation that made the beautiful paper a more beautiful reality, with the efforts of competencies enjoying the highest levels of professionalism.

The end sums up all of the above by achieving one goal...

A smile of satisfaction on the face of our customers.

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